CAPACITY: 35-ton individual modules with combined modularity up to 140 tons

The 2-pipe or 4-pipe modular inverter scroll heat pump design of the Quantech QTH1 offers a broad operating range and delivers up to 140°F (60°C) water in heating capacities up to 443 MBH (heating only mode) and 546 MBH (simultaneous heating and cooling mode). The QTH1 is designed to be a stand-alone heating and cooling solution for use in the following applications: Offices, K-12 schools, Hotels, Multi-unit residential buildings, Healthcare facilities. The QTH1 is also an ideal solution in combination with larger water-to-water heat pump solutions.

  • R454B Low GWP refrigerant with future focus
  • IPLV ~20
  • Cooling EER ~10.2
  • Delivers COP up to 8.1 in simultaneous heating and cooling mode
  • Options for a 2-pipe (for heating or cooling) and a 4-pipe (for simultaneous heating and cooling)

Building decarbonization is a global necessity, a corporate benchmark, a customer requirement and, increasingly, a competitive advantage. Therefore, Quantech® is helping to meet the need for decarbonization and electrification in the U.S. commercial HVAC market.

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Uses variable speed compressors with EVI (enhanced vapor injection) technology to deliver up 140 °F (60 °C) hot water

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Suited to reduce environmental impact by replacing boilers with high-performance electric heat pump technology. Wide operating map: -25C/-13F ambient and up to 60C/140F LWT

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Modular flexibility:  faster installation, reduced crane lifts and single point power

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Fast to market with stock inventory & kitting hub in NA

Raise your expectations. Even when time is short, you don’t need to compromise. QuantechTM chillers raise the standard for speed, efficiency and dependability. QuantechTM – a quantum leap forward.